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Beyond Connected: Aligning Mobile Strategy with Campus Vision

During this webinar, Chad Kainz, Solutions Director, Blackboard Consulting and former Assistant Chief Information Technology Officer at a leading research university, discusses aligning a mobile strategy with the campus vision. With a holistic strategy built upon on the values, mission and vision of the institution, Chad shares his thoughts on how mobility possesses the potential to positively impact teaching and learning, campus and student life, and the manner in which an institution connects with and grows its extended communities. 

About the Presenter
Chad Kainz is a Solutions Director within Blackboard Consulting and leads the mobile strategy and effective use of educational technology practices. From 1992-2010, he worked at the University of Chicago serving in a number of leadership roles including as its Assistant Chief Information Technology Officer. Between 2008-2010, Chad co-directed Project Bamboo, a Mellon-funded global humanities cyber-infrastructure planning effort, with the University of California, Berkeley.